Rana Chalabi


Formal studies in archaeology, architecture and Islamic art helped inform the creative vision of Rana Chalabi, 52, who was born in Syria, raised in Lebanon, and has lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt since 1981. She holds degrees from the American University campuses in both Beirut and Cairo and is also internationally certified as a practitioner of homeopathy, an alternative form of medicine, but considers herself a self-taught artist. Chalabi works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen, inks, stamps, mixed media, sculpture (wood and clay) and graphic design.

Rana Chalabi is an established Syrian/Lebanese artist who has lived in Cairo for over 32 years.  She is a visionary artist whose work spans a number of themes, media and even continents. Her art work reflects her varied interests but is dominated by her interest in movement, both physical and spiritual. She says,

“Movement fascinates me.  It is the challenge of capturing the ephemeral nature of three dimensional dynamic forces through the static media of paper, oil, charcoal and inks.  The movement of line and color, the interplay of diaphanous veils and cloths, and solid limbs, the sweep of lines and colors make the movement come alive. Even in my works of calligraphic ink it is the movement of both the line and the meaning of the word which makes the work come alive. Movement is life, and I want the viewer to feel that movement”.

Sufism is her abiding love and her dervishes and dancers reflect that passion. Her watercolours reflect the same diaphanous textures, and try to capture the fascination interplay of colors and light in nature and in architecture.Rana has had numerous exhibits in Cairo as well as Paris, London, Vienna, Amman, Beirut, the Arab-American Museum in the US and Tokyo.

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