Albert Coma Bau

Albert Coma Bau- Barcelona {1970} - has used multiple forms of artistic
expressions throughout his career, mostly drawing, painting, photography,
installation and performance.
From 1984-2007 Coma studied drawing, B.A graduate in Fine Arts, he received a
grant from the Leeds Metropolitan University where he was the artistic director of
Tanvir Bush’s short film "Changeling," which was selected for the Fuji Film
Festival in London, seminar with Carles Santos and Maria Helena Roqué, Girona-
Spain, Body Laboratory with Jessica Walter, Barcelona, Theater-Dance with
Mercè Boronat, Ca l’Estruch, Sabadell and Vipassana meditation from the
Dhammasalil center, Dehradun- India.
Albert has participated in many solo and collective exhibitions in Spain,
Switzerland and France and he was awarded many prestigious awards from 1996-
2011 including: First Prize in the International Sculptors Meeting in Calaf by
Project Ran- Barcelona; 10è Concurs Sanvicens, Centre Cultural Joan Maragall ,
Amants (Lovers), Sitges ; workshop for the Study of the Image Canal Abierto,
Esclau (Slave), Madrid; 5ª Bienal, Contemporary Art Association for the
Ephemeral Encounters; Photography Prize Fundació Vila Casas 08 (Inhabited
Body), Girona; CCE Miami (Spanish Cultural Center) Kakok Foundation Auction,
Florida; XLVIII Drawing Prize Fundació Ynglada-Guillot, Encontres efímers
(Ephemeral encounters) Barcelona and the XLVIX Drawing Prize Fundació
Ynglada-Guillot, Desconcert d’un sentiment, (Confusion feeling ) Barcelona.
Most recently the Vila Casas Foundation has acquired a piece of his work “Cuerpo
habitado” to add to its collection at Palau Solterra in Torroella de Mongrí, Spain.
Coma is currently working on “Memoria” (Memory), a photography project in
collaboration with Elisenda Rué. He Currently resides in Berlin- Germany.

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