Ali Al-Amri

Jordanian poet and painter of Palestinian origin. Born in a village called Waqqas; lived his childhood in a neighboring village called Qulaiat in Jordan Valley. He watched the mountains of Palestine from his land of birth, as his family was deported from the city of Beisan in the historical northern Palestine in 1948 by the Israeli occupation.

Al Ameri joined the UAE University in Al Ain; he quit his studies in geology to dedicate himself for writing, something that attracted him since his studies in the UNERWA schools.

He participated in several group art exhibitions, since 1985 in UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and U.S.A. The Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout Mentioned to Al Ameri  in his book “Art in Palestine”, Kuwait 1989.    Al Ameri participated at painting symposiums, including the Patras Art Symposium in Greece.

He is the Art Director of Dubai International Art Symposium (DIAS), since 2013.

He studied journalism and worked in the same field, became head of the cultural section at “Al Arab Al Youm" Jordanian newspaper, and then moved to the “AlKhaleej” daily newspaper in Sharjah, UAE. Currently Ali Al Ameri is the head of the cultural and arts section at “Emarat Al Youm" daily newspaper in Dubai.

He participated at poetry festivals in Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, France, Spain, Costa Rica and U.A.E.

He took part in founding the “Ajras Poetic Group" in Jordan in 1992 along with four other poets

Ali Al Ameri comes from a creative family of poets and artists, “a family possessed with arts” as he likes to define it.

He published three poetry books:

“These are my Intuitions..  This is my Vague Hand”, “White Eclipse”, and

“Enchanted Thread”(2 editions).

Many of his poems havebeen translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Some of these poems tackle the anthology of the Palestinian poetry. His poetry book “Enchanted Thread” has been translated into Spanish, and published in Costa Rica.

He is a member of the Jordanian Writers’ Association, Arab Writers’ Union, Jordanian Press Association and Dubai Press Club.

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