Monique van Steen

Monique van Steen is a artist that was born and raised in Holland almost 4 decades ago. In her early twenties, right after graduating from the fine Arts Bachelor studies, she moved to Spain, which she had gotten to know during a student exchange program. In this southern-European country she found a big inner turn-around, for during her upbringing, efficiency and reason had been the standard.

During her first 6 years in Spain she worked as a fashion model, and seeing the inside of this industry gave her a lot to think about as an artist.

Gradually, in the later years, van Steen has been focusing on the positive side of life, knowing than looking beautiful on the inside is more important than complying with what the women’s magazines state is “beautiful” on the outside.
Although Monique van Steen has been showing her paintings since 2006 in many galleries, museums and private exhibitions throughout the world, this is her first solo show in the Middle East region.

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