"Three" Scarves


“The Story of Three”

Conceived by Suad issawi -an art collector and founder of Foresight32 Art Gallery- working in the arts for over twenty years now, her distinctive style and love for scarves has inspired her to create a line of handmade one-of-a-kind scarves and caftans combining traditional techniques in embroidery and Arabic calligraphy along with modern textures in vibrant colors. Fusing luxury fabrics including cotton, velvet, satin, jersey, leather and tulle with sophisticated embellishment in every creation, using beading or sequins in addition to fringing and crochet trimmings. Her pieces, which are produced in Jordan, provide financial stability and a creative outlet for women working at home in underprivileged areas around Jordan. Number three was a sacred number for many ancient civilizations; it also carries symbols and meaning throughout religions especially Buddhism… it’s not just a number it’s a symbol of creativity, beauty, passion and love.


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